Planning Quarrying


Quarry Stakeholders Working Party Terms of Reference

TGPC document ' A fresh approach to quarrying'

CCB report on first QSM held at Toddington Village Hall

Quarry Stakeholders Working Party progress report February 2021

Briefing notes for meeting with Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown 18 March 2021

Cross-PC Quarry Meeting 1st November 2021 - presentation

Joint  PC Quarry Meeting 8th February 2022 - presentation


TGPC responses to quarry applications - 

Oathill March 2018 Oathill June 2019  Oathill Feb 2020  Oathill Jan 2021 Oathill October 2021

Naunton quarry  18/0065/CWMAJM 18 December 2020  24 February 2020 TGPC presentation at GCC planning meeting 18 March 2021 Revised reinstatement plans December 2021

Guiting quarry 20/0060/TWROMP January 2021 


CCB responses to quarry applications

Oathill  June 2020 January 2021

Naunton  southern extension, Naunton Revised reinstatement plan


Tinker's Barn 

CCB statement on tranquillity  


CPRE responses to quarry applications - 


Guiting quarry 20/0060/TWROMP January 2021


TGPC Reports-



Cumulative Impact Assessment Regulations Review 2021


Summerhill vet response to Naunton quarry application

Letter from Summerhill Veterinary practice re: Naunton quarry application 18/0065/CWMAJM


Cotswold District Council response to environmental assessment for Oathill Quarry 21/0050CWS73M